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Jinjiang city night vision Ming reflective material co., LTD., founded in1998Years,Is located in fujian province·Jinjiang economic development zone),A total construction area of for4Million square meters,Is specialized in reflective material product research and development,Production and sales enterprises。Reflective cloth、Reflective prints、Reflective ReTie、Reflective screen printing film、Night vision Ming's reflective material such as body reflective logo products are widely used in all kinds of garment accessories、Transport facilities, etc。
   Jinjiang city night vision Ming reflective material co., LTD. Is aISO9001Heat syndromes,Was awarded the jinjiang city people's government awarded“Science and technology pilot enterprises”、Awarded by fujian province bureau of statistics“2006The annual national medium-sized industrial enterprise”、2aa000Year won“Fujian province high and new technology enterprise”。“Science and technology to create quality、Integrity casting brand”Is the aim we have pursued consistently,The spirit of continuous innovation、The principle of improved steadily,We will continue to research and development、To produce more、A more suitable products and services to satisfy the masses of customers。


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